Support from solution experts

Our team of consultants, developers and engineers provide support for applications across the globe. Whether it be on-going maintenance or rescuing a failing project, our experience and expertise allows us to deliver value from day one.


Our team of developers can help provide support when and where your business needs it. We can act as an extension of your existing team, or act entirely autonomously to deliver the help and support your business needs.

We're all well versed in contributing to large distributed projects using a mix of version control systems, issue trackers and agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban.

Either working on-site or remotely, your business can leverage our knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver value for your business.

Project Rescue

If a project is running over-schedule or over-budget, or perhaps you’ve just lost confidence in its ability to deliver on the requirements originally laid out, our team can help bring back the project from the brink of failure. Our consultants can help to understand the problems the project is facing in detail, and then our developers can take over or bolster any further development.

Our experience and knowledge has steered many projects away from abandonment and resulted in countless hours and expense being saved.

Web Application Hosting

If you have an existing system in place but want to explore your options with regards to moving hosting platform, we can help. We have experience of deploying and supporting applications on all of the major platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace Cloud, Digital Ocean, Google App Engine, Heroku, and many more.

Be it virtual private servers or managed application platforms, our engineers can redeploy your application the platform that suits your business most and delivers the best Return on Investment, while still ensuring that factors such as scalability and reliability are provided for.

Our experience of developing and growing successful web applications can also be used to help you solve performance challenges and the growing pains witnessed by many applications. Using a mix of profiling, heuristics and smart debugging techniques, we can identify bottlenecks and recommend solutions.

Cloud Migration

A lot has been said about cloud migration, and a lot has been misunderstood. Whilst utilising cloud technologies certainly does negate the need for Cap-Ex, it is not a cure all that gives automatic, instant and dramatic improvements in ROI. In order to achieve the best return and truly benefit from cloud technologies, a business often first needs to adapt their business processes and thinking in general.

Often this comes through a greater understanding of how you might change your infrastructure to suit a scalable service model, be it SaaS, SaaS or PaaS. Our consultants have been deploying solutions and services in public and private clouds since their inception, and can advise you on what parts of your business might benefit from migrating to the cloud and what you stand to gain by doing so.

If you have misgivings about entrusting your internal infrastructure to someone else, then we can help you by building an on-premises cloud from which you can then migrate services to public clouds when you're a little more certain of the technology.

Technically speaking we have a wealth of experience using Amazon's AWS, Rackspace Cloud, and any platform that supports or uses OpenStack and associated services such as Juju. We also have experience of virtualisation technology in a broader sense — from VMWare's vSphere, Microsoft's HyperV, right through to Xen and KVM.

To summarise: the benefits of migrating to the cloud are abundant, but a little more harder to attain than some might have you believe. Leverage our experience and expertise to ensure the transition is a smooth and profitable one.

Network Infrastructure

Our network engineers can help you develop or redevelop a network that your business can depend upon. From consolidating your current systems by employing virtualisation, to redesigning your entire infrastructure to better serve your growing organisation.

We can provide help and advice on what technology is most suited to your business, for both today and the future. Our range of expertise includes: disaster recovery and data archiving (NAS, SAN, and tape based storage systems), networking (routing, switching, cabling), network security, redundancy and load balancing, single-sign on, and two-factor authentication.


Our consultants and are able to carry out full security assessments and audits on both your software and infrastructure, and benefit from the Government endorsed Tiger security training. They can work with you towards gaining ISO compliance, or just give you, your investors, and your customers peace of mind.

Software penetration testing ensures your systems are secure by mimicking the behaviour of an attacker. We conduct a thorough analysis of your software from the perspective of a would-be attacker, and identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited to compromise the security of your system.

Source code reviews are also extremely useful for identifying issues in your code base before they ever make it into production. We have the knowledge and experience to enable us to review code developed in all the popular languages.

Similarly, our infrastructure security assessments employ a wide range of tools and knowledge to identify any vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, and perhaps most importantly know what steps to take to mitigate the problem. We are also experienced at conducting forensic level analysis should an attack have already taken place.

Web Design

Our team of web designers work with our software development team to provide aesthetically pleasing and rich, rewarding user experiences. Pixel perfect, bespoke user interfaces that you can be proud of.

Whether it be redesigning your current corporate website or working on a completely new property, our design experience combined with our technological expertise mean you not only get a design that looks good, but also rewards the user with a rich user experience.

If you have ever visited a website and wondered how they've provided a certain feature, we know how and can help you implement something even better.

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