Software solutions that deliver dramatic differences

Our team of software engineers have over 25 years of combined industry experience in developing software solutions for companies big and small. From billion dollar NASDAQ listed companies through to small family run businesses, our software has helped.


Our team develops software used by businesses all around the globe every single day. Our solutions have allowed our clients achieve sustainable growth, via a mixture of cost savings, increased engagement, and efficiency improvements.

From order and inventory management systems through to report generation tools, we have a wealth of industry and technical expertise that enables us to deliver bespoke software solutions to suit any business challenge.

All of our developers are expert in their chosen platform and pride themselves on being professional geeks. No matter the requirement, they will know how to develop a solution for it.

Our Approach

We take your business seriously. Its success determines our own. Our developers are seasoned veterans at understanding a business' requirements and designing a solution to cater for them.

Following a thorough assessment stage where we work with you to understand your business in detail, our developers will then work as a team to design a solution that meets or exceeds all of your requirements.

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How and why we deliver value

Agile development

We employ agile development methodologies to allow you as the stakeholder to give constant feedback into the development of the application or solution that can then immediately be incorporated into the constantly evolving design.


We have a highly polished set of internal systems that gives you complete visibility into the project and the progress being made. You can view all issues currently identified as part of the project, review all of our design documentation, see what stage in the development process we’re currently at, see that tests are being developed and passing, and even view every single line of code that’s submitted.

Immediate, tangible results

We develop and push code every day, and the changes are visible by you in our live testing environment immediately. You can login as often as you like and review the progress being made and offer feedback or direction as you feel appropriate.

Test Driven Development (TDD)

We don’t write any code without first having tests in place that assess whether the functionality that code provides for is working as originally intended. As part of a typical project thousands of automated tests are written, and each test is run multiple times per day as developers continue to make changes to the system. This ensures that no existing functionality is ever unintentionally changed, and allows both our developers and yourself to have faith that the system is stable and maintainable.

Best-in-class technologies

We don’t deliver solutions that use antiquated or soon to be obsolete technology. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of software development, and go to great lengths to ensure that we use the best technology for a particular challenge. We always have in mind that a solution might have a place within a business for the next 5, 10 or even 25 years. We use the latest best-in-class technologies suited to your business and requirements that have been proven by corporations around the world.

Enterprise-level processes

All of our internal processes have been developed as a result of our experience within some of the largest blue-chip corporations in the world. For example: all code developed is reviewed by another member of the team, we use multi-stage deployment to ensure that bugs never make it out into production systems, and have fully integrated development environments that allow developers to collaborate on a day-to-day basis with the rest of their team.

Web Applications

Desktop applications are now legacy applications. Web applications have quickly superseded them, and result in vastly increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. No more software installations, no more updates being applied on every workstation — your application is now available to any authorised computer or user that has access to a web browser.

Updates occur in real-time, systems can be seamlessly migrated and deployed. Applications and servers can be scaled up as your business grows with minimal effort, and deployed across multiple servers to ensure maximum availability and redundancy.

Our development team has over 15 years of experience developing web applications using a wide range of technologies and platforms: Ruby, Java, ASP.NET, PHP, and Python all running on Linux or Microsoft platforms — either in the cloud or on premises.

Using the latest web application frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Angular, and Ember, we can deliver rich and intuitive user interfaces that are wrapped around your core business logic.


In order for a system to be effective, it has to be loved by its users. Our designers work alongside our development team to deliver rich, rewarding user experiences. We look at every interface as if we were the end-user; how might the user react to this colour scheme, what operations are they most likely to carry out from within this screen, how can their journey through the software be improved or made simpler.

An application has to do more than look pretty, it has to be a joy to use and make it feel as if this is how it should have always been done. That's the experience we strive to deliver on each and every one of our projects.

Systems Integration

An isolated system is an ineffective one. Our software engineers and consultants can help you integrate new or legacy systems with the rest of your business' infrastructure.

Be it migrating an old customer database to your new CRM system, or managing the flow of data from your inventory system to your delivery tracking system, our solutions can integrate two disparate systems seamlessly.

We are also experienced data feed transformers - we can take data feeds of almost any format from your suppliers or customers and convert them into formats your in-house systems can understand, or indeed directly import them through our bespoke ETL tools.

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